Inclusion Short Films

Inclusion Short Films

5 Episodes

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Inclusion Short Films
  • The Detentionaires

    Episode 1

  • Inclusion Films Shorts: First Dance

    Episode 2

    As a couple prepare for their upcoming wedding day, they hire an award winning choreographer to help them with their first dance, but when they find out he is in a wheelchair, they must overcome their own prejudices in order to succeed.


  • The Man in the Tiger Mask

    Episode 3


    At a college, a young janitor, wearing a tiger mask, and with a severe case of social anxiety, befriends a young woman who takes interest in him for a class paper.

  • Revelation

    Episode 4

  • Unreadable

    Episode 5

    Avery, a rookie FBI agent, is forced into interrogating a criminal who has placed a bomb in the FBI building that they are in and who can also read minds. What Avery at first views as a disability must eventually become an ability.
    Sacramento: SO1